Mis·sion: noun: 1.) a specific objective or task which a person is charged or assigned; 2.) a personal or collaborative effort that includes a definite military or evangelistic objective; 3.) a divine assignment to the people and place within a specific geographic area;

Hunts·ville: noun: 1.) proper name identifying a city and surrounding geographic area of North Alabama in the Tennessee River Valley; 2.) historical capital of Alabama and birthplace of the state constitution 3.) a city of birth and new beginnings; 4.) a city of nations;
 Mission: Huntsville - Vision and Mission
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Mission Huntsville is a city-reaching initiative birthed out of the Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit movement that serves as a free resource to the Christian community to help facilitate area-wide ministry, enable specific areas of strategic focus, and to help support, communicate, coordinate, and mobilize area-wide efforts.

May the LORD open the heavens over Huntsville!

Vision and Purpose
Vision: The spiritual Awakening, Revival, and Renewal of the Greater Huntsville area, resulting in on-going and sweeping personal, cultural, social, and community TRANSFORMATION, through the profound impact of the gospel in every strata of society, including:
  • Penetrating and tangible community impact with measurable, verifiable results.
  • Profound political, economic, and social renewal, sweeping through the church, market place, education, and government.
  • Widespread evangelistic breakthrough and sustainable church growth among the congregations of the city.

Purpose: To LOVE, HONOR, and GLORIFY God through His Son Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit; to express and demonstrate that love to our fellowman through evangelism, compassion, and tangible acts of charity and service;

Mission and Strategy

Mission: Huntsville exists …

To SERVE the church of the city by:
  • Giving full attention to city-wide administrative details pastors and leaders don’t have time to focus upon.
  • Providing needed structure to gather the logistical data necessary for a city-wide effort to truly progress.
  • Helping to provide communication, coordination, and administration at a city-level.
  • Helping to provide a catalyst to trigger widespread community impact through the unique gifts already within the city.
To help RESEARCH, RESOURCE, and INFORM the Christian community to enable strategic city-wide prayer, decision, and action by:
  • Providing research and data to enable a true city-wide perspective (as a missionary would research his field),enabling the pursuit of city-wide strategy for evangelistic breakthrough and community impact.
  • Surveying and mapping both the people and the community (Num 13:17-20, Josh 18:3-4,7-8), including demographics, needs, possibilities, obstacles, patterns, history, etc.
  • Compiling a city-wide database of congregation, ministry, and point person information within the community including a.) Survey/Ministry Profile (congregational/ministry passions/burdens, gifts/strengths, talents, needs, pursuits, etc.), and b.) Phone/Email/Mailing lists proving both general contact information, and point people in areas of focus.
  • Helping to establish measurable, verifiable results to determine city and community impact.
  • Publishing a city-wide news releases, strategic information, and area-wide updates.
  • Providing city-wide calendar to enable informed decisions for area-wide efforts and events.
To help COMMUNICATE congregational and area ministry efforts to better enable wise stewardship of resources within the city by:
  • Avoiding redundant ministry as what may appear good stewardship (as a congregation), may actually be poor stewardship (within the city) when uninformed of other existing efforts.
  • Encouraging the joining together in common endeavors enabling us to do together what we cannot as an individual congregation or ministry (it will take the congregations of the city together to reach and impact the city).
  • Avoiding competition for common resources for the same purpose.
To help MOBILIZE fervent and focused city-wide PRAYER by:
  • Helping to facilitate city-wide prayer among pastors and ministry leaders.
  • Helping to facilitate city-wide prayer among prayer ministries and intercessors within the congregations, as well as for specific areas of community focus (government, education, etc.).
  • Helping to provide informed strategic focus for prayer through research of community needs and biblical or redemptive purpose.
  • Helping to establish a 24-hr house of prayer for the city/community – a place where worship and prayer are continually offered unto the LORD on behalf of our city and community with volunteers from the congregations of the city providing rotating worship and prayer teams.
To help CULTIVATE true city-wide UNITY and RELATIONSHIP (i.e. relational unity) by:
  • Helping to facilitate reconciliation, healing, and joining within the Body of Christ throughout the city and community.
  • Helping to cultivate honor, appreciation, and understanding of the purpose for diversity within the Body of Christ to truly impact the city (whether in gifting, function, denominational distinctives, or ethnic and cultural backgrounds).
  • Meeting one-on-one with pastors and leaders and point persons throughout the city.
  • Helping to provide opportunities to meet, know, share, hear, and pray with one another.
To help CONNECT and NETWORK individuals, congregations, and ministries (i.e. functional unity) throughout the city by:
  • Helping to establish a communication infrastructure throughout the city.
  • Helping to convene area ministry leadership roundtables with specific areas of focus in the church and community, including:
              Pastors and Ministry Leaders
              Prayer Ministries, Leaders, and Intercessors
              Compassion and Outreach Ministries to the Community
              The Marketplace and Christian Business Community
              Men, Women, Young Adult, Youth, Children, etc.
  • Helping to facilitate the forming of strategic alliances among individuals, congregations, and ministries to advance the Kingdom (connecting those with similar vision, function, burden, passion, or pursuits).
To help FASCILITATE true servant-evangelism (to wash the feet of the city), compassion, and community initiatives to SERVE and BLESS our city based on the needs of our community by:
  • Helping to define specific areas of community focus including:
              Governmental, Political, Judicial, and Law Enforcement
              Market Place, Commercial and Business Community
              The Arts, Media, and Entertainment
              Hospitals, Medical Care, Fire and Rescue
              Schools, Education, Training, and Equipping
              Neighborhoods and Residential Areas
              Nursing Homes, Elderly Care, Widows, Orphans
              Poor, Needy, Lower Income Areas, Homeless