How We Help

Huntsville Assistance Program (HAP) strives to unite the generous gifts of dollars, services and volunteers offered by our community’s congregations. By providing a central place to access resources, HAP is able to more efficiently distribute much needed assistance to people and families in need.

A part-time Coordinator and a staff of volunteers are able to offer:

  • Financial assistance with rent/mortgage, utility bills, etc.
  • Information about and access to food pantries and other charitable programs
  • Referrals to various social programs offered in the community
  • Board of Directors

    HAP staff and volunteers are supported by a Board of Directors whose members represent sponsoring churches.

    Board meetings are scheduled the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm. For more information, please call 539-2320.

    Client Assessment

    When clients contact HAP, a comprehensive assessment of their needs and their eligibility is initiated. Experienced volunteers are trained to identify client needs and utilize resources provided directly by HAP to meet those needs or refer clients to appropriate services elsewhere.

    Volunteers utilize a special data base that tracks charitable assistance given by agencies throughout Madison County. This data base helps volunteers determine client eligibility.

    The HAP Clearing House collects confidential and current information regarding assistance provided to clients. This information is shared with other benevolent organizations in an effort to prevent duplication of services.