40 Days Facedown - Area Churches Uniting in Prayer for the Nation (9/24+)

A city-wide steering team representing a cross-section of the Christian community has formed to help mobilize prayer for the nation leading up to the 2008 elections. Please see the following opportunity to join with others in the valley for 40 days of prayer for the nation!

Greater Huntsville Facedown40!

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

Our nation is at a another crossroads in American History. There is a national effort - Facedown 40 - to mobilize the Body of Christ to enter into a unified commitment to Fast and Pray for 40 days, prior to the Presidential election.

In the Huntsville/Madison County area, the CHURCH is joining together in a corporate effort to cover these 40 days, Sept. 24-Nov. 2, 24/7, with prayer for our Nation.

This mission cannot be accomplished with a handful of participants. We need you and your congregation to commit to this CRITICAL SEASON OF PRAYER for our Nation. Please contact us about which one or more of the 40 designated days your church could pray. A calendar posted below will list the dates and the churches/prayer groups covering our nation on that day. All the Christian community is invited to participate. Any church that does not feel they can adequately cover 24 hours may want to link with 2 or 3 others to more efficiently cover their “watch”. Material to guide your time of prayer is available.

To register your Church as a participant AND to select your day(s) to provide prayer coverage, please contact Sammie Laster – H 830-2590, Cell – 683-3712 or e-mail at ljlaster@arilion.com .

We praise Our Lord for the commitment of intercessors and prayer warriors in our city. Thank you for your prayerful consideration!

Greater Huntsville “Facedown 40” Steering Committee
Valley Fellowship – Pastor Carol Simon, Sammie Laster & Dene Finley
Union Chapel Missionary Baptist Church – Nettie Pruitt & Gloria Smith
Grace Lutheran Church – Anne Cox
First Presbyterian Church – Judy Howard
Faith Chapel – Sadie Presley
The Rock Family Worship Center – Rita Sutton & Shirley Schwarze
The Dwelling Place – Pastor Patrick Penn

Greater Huntsville Facedown40 Calendar (PDF)

If you or your congregation would be willing to participate in the 40 days of prayer for the nation, please provide the following information through the online form (or call/email Sammie Laster directly at the contact provided above).

Please provide two dates if possible (in case 1 is taken), in which case a a follow-up call will be made to you to confirm when posting on the area calendar. THANK YOU!

Greater Huntsville Facedown40
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