AFTERSHOCK! A Student, Youth, and At-Risk Community Outreach with Nicky Cruz - Coming to North Alabama!

School Assemblies • Teen Challenge Dinner and Banquet • ROCK the COURT! • AFTERSHOCK at the Epicenter

The AFTERSHOCK 2009 Weekend is an incredible opportunity for our community with a unique focus on area schools, students, and particularly at-risk youth. Kenny Cole is a local attorney who played College Football, works closely with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and had personally “adopted” Chapman Middle School. He had shared recently the testimony of Nicky Cruz ( - note that a book and two movies have been written about his life, including one being released later this year - Run Baby Run). Afterward Coach Shelby asked if Nicky Cruz could possibly come to Chapman and share his story, and as Kenny explored the possibility it soon became evident God’s hand was involved in a very special way ...

Please note what is emerging and share with youth pastors, student ministries, and especially any who may know or work with at-risk youth!


FRIDAY (11/13)

Local School Assemblies

Teen Challenge Area Dinner and Banquet - with special guest Nicky Cruz
6:30pm at The Huntsville Marriott (Next to the Space Center)

Teen Challenge is coming to North Alabama with GTC Africa’s Regional Director based in Huntsville beginning in 2010. A special dinner and banquet for local churches, pastors, and those interested in the ministry of Teen Challenge will occur in Huntsville with details here and at

SATURDAY (11/14)

ROCK the COURT: 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Music, Food, and More
11am-4pm at Johnson High School
Community event and outreach with free food, music, bands, tournaments, with team and individual tournament trophies and prizes, as well as drawings including XBox 360's and much much more! More details posted here and at See also graphic below.

AFTERSHOCK at the Epicenter - Area-Wide Youth Rally with special guest Nicky Cruz
6:30pm at The Epicenter
A special community event and outreach to youth and students where Nicky Cruz will share his incredible story - it will inspire, challenge, and literally be life-changing. More details are available here and at See also graphic below.

For more information you may contact:
Kenny Cole, Fellowship of Christian Athletes (email , 256.539.3110)
Doug Wever, Regional Director Teen Challenge (email , 256.714.7729)
Al Garrett, Youth Development Association (email , 256.603.0807)
Ricardo Vega, New Life Outreach (email , 256.508.3562)
Brad Sheats, Elevate Student Ministries (email , 256.654.9641)