Personal Bio - John Buhler

Personal Bio – John Buhler (Decatur/Huntsville, AL)
Mission Huntsville, Alabama Strategic Prayer Network, Christian Advocates for Israel

John Buhler serves as the city-catalyst and director of Mission Huntsville, a non-profit organization and city-reaching initiative birthed out of the Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit movement to help facilitate area-wide strategic focus, networking, mobilization, and communication specifically in connecting area pastors and leaders, fervent prayer and intercession, the marketplace and business community, and compassion, mission, and relief ministries for the greatest impact whether local or abroad.

John also serves as a Trustee and on the Church Board of Calvary Assembly of God in Decatur, AL. The Lilly Foundation Research Project 2000 lists Calvary Assembly as one of the “Top 300 Protestant Churches in America.” Calvary Assembly currently hosts multiple services in existing facilities with seating of 2000 and has recently acquired 182 acres and broken ground for new facilities (seating 3000-4500) and church campus as part of a relocation to I-65 mid-way between Nashville, TN and Birmingham, AL at the Huntsville-Decatur interchange. The new location places Calvary at the Crossroads of the Tennessee Valley and Gateway to North Alabama.

In addition, John serves as the State Coordinator of the Alabama Strategic Prayer Network (AL-SPN) and so works closely with pastors, leaders, and intercessors in cities throughout the state. He has helped mobilize a number of strategic events as part of local, state, national, and international initiatives and has helped coordinate multiple events with church and governmental leaders (such as local and statewide gatherings of church leadership and state leadership that has included Alabama and U.S. Senators, Congressmen, and Justices as well as Civil Rights leaders from Selma, AL and Native American leaders from Oklahoma).

John is also co-founder of Christian Advocates for Israel (CAFI), a community coalition that emerged in North Alabama in response to the growing international hostility toward Israel and the Jewish people, and the growing desire among many in the Christian community to stand as an advocate for Israel and the Jewish people in this volatile time. CAFI seeks to honor Israel and the Jewish people for the heritage received, and explore opportunities of practical advocacy in prayer and intercession, in humanitarian relief, in outreach, and in governmental and political advocacy.

He also serves on several ministry and organizational boards including the steering team of the City-Wide Passover Celebration, steering team of Greater Huntsville Pastors Prayer Summit (GHPPS), steering team of the Area Marketplace Leadership Luncheon (MLL), on the Board of the Madison County Coalition for Healthy Marriages (MCCHM), and as community liaison and resource for the Greater Huntsville Interdenominational Ministerial Fellowship (GHIMF).

John Buhler graduated with Honors from the University of Florida with a BSEE degree in Electrical Engineering in 1990, and has been employed in the high-tech graphics field in Huntsville, Alabama ( Rocket City and Space Capital of the World) for almost 20 years. He lives in Decatur (AL) with his wife Kim, who is from Madison (AL). They have been married 15 years and have two children - Caitlin (14), and Joshua (12). He is the oldest son of Fran and Nancy Buhler, was born in Tennessee in 1966, and grew up in Tallahassee, FL.

Personal Bio - John Buhler